Repurposing Old Furniture

Repurposing Old Furniture

My mom love to repurpose vintage furniture. When we go to garage sales or thrift stores we always split up. She goes on to the furniture and I like the small stuff. I wanted to do a blog to show off her work. She does an amazing job and is one of those people that can look at something and have a new great plan.

Gossip Bench / Phone Table - How times have changed.

A Gossip Bench is combined seat and table for convenience and comfort while talking on the phone These were mostly used between the 1930s and the 1950s.

gossip bench

Back when I was a teenager I had a rotary phone that attached to the kitchen wall with a very long cord that stretched all over the house. These days we are not tied down to anything and are free to talk on the phone anywhere we please.

She was lucky to have found two of these at two different auctions.

     Gossip Bench


As you can see they both turn out great! (I only have one before picture) These are available for sale at $185 each and the first one to purchase will get a charging station for free! Email me for details. These are available for Arizona pick up only.

Next up - She bought this Metal Utility Cart that she made into an adorable coffee bar! You can use the top as cutting board and it has wheels so you can roll it to wherever you need to in your kitchen. She is selling this for just $125 and it comes with 2 wire baskets, mugs, 2 canisters and a creamer pitcher.(spoons, coffee and coffee pot not included)


Utility Cart Coffee Bar

Here is a cute idea - She bought this old beaten up Step Ladder and made it into this unique accessory to your bathroom. It will hold your towels, shampoo and soaps etc.



I will be adding to this list as as she does them since it could help to give new ideas with repurposing furniture.

All of these treasures are available for pick up only in Arizona. Email me for details.







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