Vintage Disney Magazines

 I found some Disney Magazines at an Estate sale this weekend. The Estate Sale was from a Hoarder that collected pretty much everything you can think of. I went back 3 times because my arms were so full I had to keep dropping stuff off at my car!! I got 3 FULL boxes of stuff for a total of $18!! I wish every sale was like that! I was very busy listing on Ebay this weekend. Here is the link to the Ebay 

I studied up on these nostalgic magazines and here is what I learned about them...

These magazines were given out free when you bought certain products at participating stores.The magazine was in conjunction with Proctor and Gamble.

disney magazines

These pictured below were free with the purchase of Downey, Biz. or Zest and Comet.

Disney Free Magazine 1976

Through 1975 - 1977 Disney published one magazine a month for what ever product was designated for that month.

We all know Disney always goes above and beyond and they didnt disappoint with these 49 page full color magazines. They have tons of great new stories with all the Disney characters, comics, amazing illustration, games and fun activities to do. It also has stories told by stars like Bob Hope, Groucho Marx and Lucille ball ALL for free! 

 Only 3 magazines were in good shape out of the group of magazines I got. The ones that were in rough shape, I cant sell but I was able to get some games and activities from them. These would be great for teachers to print out for the kids to do! 

Click on them for the PDF file to print.

 Disneyland Maze

The Dare Devil Ducks

Deweys Crossword


Going their separate ways


Baloo and the Bee tree

Mickey Sky Watcher

Puzzled Pluto

Jiminy Crickets Word Jumble

B-wildering Puzzle

Whats wrong with this picture


 Hueys Chuckler

Coloring Page

Mickey & Donald in the Big City

Jiminys Crossword

 Answers to Mystery Animals crossword 

Answers to Mickey Sky Watcher 







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