Crazy Things That Sold On Ebay

Crazy Things That Sold On Ebay 2018

I have sold things on Ebay for many years and in that time I discovered a few crazy things that have sold. A half eaten chicken nugget sold for $1, A Unicorn Starbucks Frappuccino that someone wrapped up,​​ and​ ​stuck​ ​it​ ​the​ ​freezer and then sold it for $4,995 and of course crazy shaped Cheetos. The Cheeto category is my favorite. Last year I found this Loch Ness Monster shaped Cheeto that sold for $14,900 with NINE bids!!

crazy things that sold on ebay

I decided to make a book out of these crazy items last year and it did so well I will be doing them every year. 2018 is now available on Amazon.

crazy things that sold on ebay

It takes a bit of time to find these crazy things and you have to be on top of it throughout the year because Ebay only holds onto them for 60-90 days and then they delete them.

So I am including this in my Searching for Treasures Blog because someone’s trash is certainly someone else’s treasure.crazy things that sold on ebay







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