Army Theaters Movie Programs

Vintage Army Theaters Movie Program From Camp Stoneman California During WW2

I found these along with some WWII items in a scrapbook at an online auction. I got the scrapbook for $20 and have sold many items out of it. I have these movie programs on Ebay for $40

Army Theaters Movie Programs

 Some of the movies include: 

And Baby Makes Three
1949 ‧ Romance/Comedy - Starring -  Robert Young, Barbara Hale and Robert Hutton
Adam's Rib
1949 ‧ Romance/Comedy  - Starring - Spencer Tracy,  Katharine Hepburn and  Judy Holliday
Prince of Foxes
1949 ‧ Black and white/Drama - Starring -  Orson Welles,  Tyrone Power and  Felix Aylmer

Here is some research I found out about Camp Stoneman:

Camp Stoneman was a United States Army military facility located in Pittsburg, CA. It served as a major staging area for the Army in World War II and the Korean War. 

Camp Stoneman opened May 28, 1942, for the purpose of staging troops for the Pacific Theater of Operations. The camp was named after George Stoneman, a cavalry commander during the Civil War, and Governor of California. It was decommissioned as a military post in 1954.

The camp had a railroad track across the north side for receiving and shipping men. Next to this were many buildings with loading docks, many which were still there in 2017 along Bliss Avenue. There were seven barracks areas, each consisting of nine blocks (3 x 3) surrounding a mess hall. (information from Wikipedia)

The site was used as a staging area and rifle range for troop training by the United States Army, and was established as a Class I installation (later used as a personnel replacement and reclassification depot). The site was also used as a facility of the San Francisco Port of Embarkation, known as the West Garrison Area of Camp Stoneman.

In 1942, the War Department acquired 1831.41 fee acres, 5.61 easement acres, 0.33 license acre, 0.03 permit acre, and 1004.16 leased acres. The total acreage acquired was 2841.54.  (information from

Camp Stoneman Barracks, June 1942 (National Archives)

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