1942 Pryor Oklahoma Tornado

Today I found some photos of the 1942 Pryor Oklahoma Tornado damage.

1942 Pryor Oklahoma Tornado1942 .Pryor Oklahoma Tornado

I found these real photo postcards at an antique shop. I paid $8 but they came with other pictures and I can add those to my collection to sell as a lot. The Tornado photos SOLD on Ebay the same day I listed them at $24.99.

1942 Pryor Oklahoma Tornado

This is what I learned about them.

This occurred at Pryor, Mayes County, at 3:45 p. m., April 27,1942. It moved northeastward over an area one-fourth mile wide and about 20 miles long.This was said to be an EF4 (Enhanced Fujita Scale) Tornado which are tornadoes that have wind speeds between 166 mph and 200 mph.

This horrible storm destroyed the city's downtown business district; 52 people were killed and over 400 were injured. The city suffered more than $2 million in property damage. About one third of the homes in the town were destroyed or damaged and practically every brick building along the main street were flattened. Hundreds of parked cars were buried under the collapsed buildings.

Faye Mitchell Employee of the County Agents Office said,"Everything went black as the storm struck."  "It made my ears hurt" She said. "There was a high whistling sound. It was like swimming deep under water."

One newspaper reported there were about 15 to 20 chickens cowered down the street, picked clean by the wind.

The town was put under martial law, but because the National Guard was activated due to World War II, state troopers were sent in to maintain order.

The Pryor tornado ranks as the fifth deadliest in Oklahoma history.

1942 Pryor Oklahoma Tornado








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