1939 20th Century Fox Film Jesse James

1939 20th Century Fox Film Jesse James


I won 10 lbs of photos in an auction. As I was digging through these awesome vintage photos I came across pictures from 1938 of the set of the 1939 film Jesse James. Some of the photos have some of the actors in them! (I only know that because whoever took these photos wrote actors on the back of those photos.)

Jesse James 1939 Movie SetJesse James 1939 Movie SetJesse James 1939 Movie Set


I went ahead and put those on Ebay HERE and started my research on this movie!


Jesse James 1939 Movie Set


1939 20th Century Fox Film Jesse James.


  • Tyrone Power (Born 5/5/1914-Died 11/15/1958) as Jesse James
  • Henry Fonda (Born 5/16/1905-Died 8/12/1982)  as Frank James
  • Nancy Kelly (Born 3/21/1921-Died 1/2/1995) as Zerelda "Zee" James
  • Randolph Scott (Born 1/23/1898-Died 3/2/1987) as Will Wright
  • Henry Hull (Born 10/3/1890-Died 3/8/1977) as Maj. Rufus Cobb
  • John Carradine (Born 3/5/1906-Died 11/27/1988) as Robert Ford
  • Charles Tannen (Born 10/22/1915-Died 12/18/1980) as Charlie Ford



Much of the filming for Jesse James took place around the town of Pineville, Missouri because at the time the town and surrounding area looked much the same as it would have in the 1880s and 1890s. The original courthouse was in the movie and there were many people from the area that were hired as Extras.

Pineville still celebrates the 1939 movie every year with “Jesse James Days”. Jesse James Days, consists of a nightly Carnival, Arts and craft booths set up around the old Square, a cook shack, a Frisbee throw nightly for the kids (which will have prizes attached to them), a Parade, a B-B-Q Chicken Dinner, a Bank Robbery, nightly Music, and many, many more events that are too numerous to mention. The money that is raised goes to the Fire Department to operate on for the next year. This event takes place in August each year, HERE IS THE LINK FOR UPCOMING DATES http://pinevillemo.us/attractions/annual-events/jesse-james-days/


On a sad note- (Very sad note)

A horse died on the set of Jesse James when it was ridden off a cliff into a river -- a stunt that remains in the film. (Even though the movie shows two horses and riders falling off the cliff, one after the other, the "second" is actually just a closer camera angle of the first. To shoot the scene, a stunt man raced the blindfolded horse onto a sloping greased platform rigged to tilt and plunge horse and rider to the water below. The stunt man, knowing what to expect, survived. The horse fell to its death.

The death of the horse led to such outrage and protests by the American Humane Association that the organization opened a Hollywood office and in 1940 began officially monitoring the treatment of animals in films.


Jesse James was the fourth largest-grossing film of the year, right behind  Gone With The Wind, The Wizard Of Oz and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.







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