Welcome to the Searching for Treasures blog! Here you will find some interesting and rare items that I have collected over the years from local garage sales, auctions, and antique stores. Acquiring and researching the histories of the antiques I find is one of my passions that I wish to share with others.

In the past, I put these amazing finds on Ebay, but I soon realised that Ebay doesn’t keep these items past 60 days. Sad that these great relics of the past disappear so quickly, I set out to right this wrong and started this page to give these unique pieces a chance at a better life.

I love collecting antiques and collectibles and researching the history. Because I cannot keep everything, I will be documenting the items I find here on my blog, the research I do and then sell them on Ebay. I will list prices that I pay for the items and also what they sold for or listed for. I really wish I would have thought to do this sooner but here we are. I encourage comments on the posts and sharing some items that you have.

Join me in Searching For Treasures..